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Anonymous asked:
What happens at an nyt audition in the workshops? I've heard a lot of bizarre stories, what happened at yours? I'd love to know what I'm in for so I can prep a bit before I go to my audition! Thanks 😊

It’s hard to describe it’s not something you can really prepare for tbh. It’s mostly exercises that look at your physicality, how open you are to do something different& most importantly how you work with others because NYT are MASSIVE on collective/ensemble work. My audition was the just like throwing an imaginary ball and going with whatever the leader said, then you do a map human map (you’ll get it if they do that in your audition) at the end you devise a like 3 min on a stimulus they give you with specific instructions and just random stuff.
In the monologue part, you just perform it then they sometimes ask you to change the way you do it - this isn’t a bad thing, they just wanna see your adaptability and how you take direction. Just be yourself, be open, have fun, know and love your monologue and you’ll be fine!

It’s ridiculous how much I’ve changed and been through since I’ve been on here…
A new year and refresh. Might restart my blog… Hmmm…

Haven’t posted in like a year or something. It’s been a while dude, might get back into this!

Anonymous asked:
How did you get into nyt! I'm bricking it for my audition do you have tips?!?!

Erm, no special way just usual audition process lol. I didn’t actually go to get in, it was just a bit of fun that apparently went really well! But erm, tips on it is to be yourself, be open to be and try anything and be comfortable and know the monologue you’re performing cause they like to know you’ve put a lot of thought into it. Otherwise just have as much fun as you can and take all you can from it xxx

It’s so hard going through life knowing your own mother will never see you as good enough to be worthy of being her daughter. Now I give up. It’s time to separate myself from my family. I was never truly part of them it seems and I guess that’s just it; I shouldn’t have to try to fit in with my own family.
It’s done and I’m done.

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